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Utilizes imaging and workflow management tools that create a tightly integrated product that allows Nurses, Claims examiners, and bill review specialists to work in conjunction with each other to positively impact cost and service. This technology assists our clientele to identify and drive out administrative costs while greatly increasing the effectiveness and timeliness of claims processing.

This provides more management control and monitoring of medical treatment costs and payments while insuring that all payment are made under the bureaus guidelines.

State of the Art Bill Review System that includes:

  • State Fee Schedules and Rules updated monthly Clinical and Correct Coding Edits
  • Completely customizable to the Client Customized reporting templates
  • Paperless Processing Centralized Intake
  • Scanning/ OCR Data Extraction
  • Electronic Workflow Management/ Examiner Approval
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Liberty employees will work closely with clientele ensuring all work is processed efficiently and accurately.
  • Centralized call center
  • State Reporting and Regulatory Compliance
  • Large selection of National PPO Networks
  • Each bill can run through PPO Networks

Out of Network Negotiations National Forensic Bill Audits on all Trauma Bills or Bills where discounts do not apply National Hospital Negotiation department to assist in resolution of bills in Litigation.

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