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Workers Compensation Claims Manager, Solid Waste Services d/b/a J.P. Mascaro & Sons

I have worked with Liberty Asset Recovery, LLC, and Sean McLaughlin for years; I have observed them develop and implement aggressive bill reviews and forensic audits that have captured monies lost through billing oversight and error. In particular, I have been involved with the challenge of “trauma” bills, which can normally not be re-priced, but using the procedure that are allowed under the law, I have witnessed a significant savings off the invoiced amount as a result of the work by Liberty Asset Recovery and Sean McLaughlin for their clients.
Over the years of working with Liberty Asset Recovery and Sean McLaughlin, I found Mr. McLaughlin to be strategic in his approach in such a way that he developed and implemented an “end-game” that best served the client. His aggressive pursuit of that “end-game” brought out the best in all on behalf of the client. Most importantly, Liberty Asset Recovery and Sean McLaughlin produced results.

Dennis Cullen, Ciprani & Warner, LLC.


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