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Liberty Asset Recovery is a privately held Management Services Organization (MSO) founded and dedicated to the resolve of delivering the conclusive results necessary in making Workers Compensation and Disability Management case decisions for our client partners. We take a broad approach in addressing our clients' needs which also makes us a leading innovator in providing the mechanisms necessary in managing cost containment and asset recovery. Provided the opportunity, we insure a mutually beneficial working relationship founded on the premise that we will be continually innovative, flexible and accountable to meet your highest expectations

Our onsite hospital medical record and itemized bill review and forensic audit captures monies lost through billing oversight and error. This service is offered at no cost to our clients until we save you money. Typically our target business is with Trauma bills which are non repriceable under act 44. We have many tools at our disposal to accomplish this service and affect an average savings to our clients of over 40%. Complete re-pricing services, a national physician network, nursing staff, as well as attorneys are just some of the resources that we utilize. These tools ensure that the end result is a cost savings that you would not be able to achieve through standard line by line bill audits. Liberty takes great care to ensure that all guidelines under act 44 are adhered to.

Liberty has also been affecting savings on bills that have been re-priced with little or no savings, as well as medical bills that are in litigation. We have excellent relationships with most of the trauma centers and hospitals in Pennsylvania which allows us to successfully negotiate many of these issues for our clients.

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